I process my images in LightRoom/PhotoShop and Panolapse for “motion path”.  If I use a 2K screen (1920 x 1080 pixels), or a 4k screen (4096 x 2304 pixels), then that is the size of the static images.  At this time I use JPEG static images. The original still images if taken as a time-lapse sequence could be 7950 x 4472 pixels in size and saved as RAW files.

Most Electronic Displays (TV’s) have embedded software to display JPEG and MP4 videos.  The latest 4K screens are starting to be able to display higher quality still and movie images.  The standards are still evolving, so for now it is easier to use the older standards.

I expect debate on this topic from the “golden eye” (similar to the “golden ear” crowd in audio) group who are capable of perceiving subtle colour shades and are not satisfied with JPEG image quality.  I welcome their constructive input.

Better apps that can run flexible sequences on “smart TVs” are needed.  Existing apps are not flexible enough.  I invite suggestions of suitable apps.