I have been taking landscape photos in a casual way for most of my life.  A few years ago I started to become dissatisfied with the images on my walls.  I felt they had captured the scenes in the classic “moment-in-time”, but lacked an aspect of the emotional experience.

For example at a sunrise or sunset, part of the experience is the changing light and colour. A single image of the “peak” light can be impressive, but still falls short of capturing the time-changing part of the experience.

Here we are, well into the 21st Century and display technology provides an alternative to the paper print.  We can exploit the ability to present more than one image in a picture frame hanging on a wall.

I enjoy the “change” possible with “electronic picture frames”.  When I live with an image over a long time, I enjoy that it can change.  I enjoy the ability to experience a “Changing Static Image”.  I suggest this is an “evolution” of the static images we have been putting on our walls in the past.

I can now change the displayed image so it is different each time I go into a room.  I can set the changing time to minutes/hours/days.  This reduces potential boredom that paper images can produce.

Another benefit of electronic picture frames is the efficient use of wall space.  I eventually ran out of places to hang my paper prints that I was proud of.  With CSI I can see all of my “proud” images over time.

What I am stressing is the possibility for photographers to move from capturing “the perfect moment” to capturing the “visual ambiance” – an evolution from the paper print to dynamic displays.  I am proposing that photographers modify their goal from capturing a static “moment-in-time” to developing techniques to capture the experience of a “period-in-time”.

I invite comment.


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