Drone Clips

Most of the clips have an audio track. The “video-only” misses the “ambience” of the location. So I added various audio mixes of waves and birds appropriate to the location.

The links are to 1 minute versions of the videos. I keep 5, 10, 20 minute versions for my wall/display use. Click on the labels for the links.

The drone is a DJI Mavic 2 Pro with a polarising filter. The videos are 10 bit 4K, displayed at 1920x1080p.

River Murray cliff at Big Bend, South Australia

Big Bend cliff

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Waitpinga Beach, South Australia

Waitpinga Beach

The drone flies left at 120m altitude, -45 degree camera angle. Look for the surfers. The actual video is 10 minutes long. I like the colours and variety of movements.

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South Port, South Australia, Onkaparinga River mouth.

South Port, Onkaparinga River mouth

Drone at 120m, camera -90 degrees. one of my first drone clips. I like the simplicity and colours.

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Silver Sands, South Australia

Silver Sands beach

Simple abstract. Drone at 120m, camera -90 degrees.

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Port Elliot, South Australia

Port Elliot cove

Waves, sand, rocks. Drone at 120m, camera -45 degrees.

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OSullivan Beach cove, South Australia

OSullivan Beach cove

Waves, sand, rocks. Drone at 120m, camera -90 degrees.

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Depps Beach, South Australia

Coastline near Depps Beach

Coastline between Depps Beach and Petrel Cove near Victor Harbour. Look for the dolphins playing/swimming along the coastline. Drone at 120m, camera -70 degrees. The drone flies from left to right.

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