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I invite comments

15 thoughts on “I invite comments

    1. For now I have used the cheapest LCD units I could find. These often have a duller
      screen which reduces reflections. They usually have SD card, USB and HDMI ports
      which provides flexibility for image storage. They also usually have software to
      enable images to be displayed in a sequence with some delay between images. In
      some cases a media box provides greater flexibility

  1. I have a few comments
    1. This site is a wonderful example of the creativity of the images of the future.
    2. I am very fortunate, not only see these changing images first hand, but to have them
    in my own home. Also, I have the changing images on as I entertain guests much to
    their amazement
    3. The changing images allow me to enjoy the full experience which is not available in
    the static photo shot. I can get totally immersed in the subject matter. Sometimes
    whist reading I have the images on and enjoy looking up to see the changes.

  2. I love how clearly laid out this website is. All information you need/are searching for is easily accessible
    and it works great on mobile devices too.

  3. This is great stuff Victor, truly! This is at the pioneering stage , which is exciting in many aspects. The
    concepts and outcomes are boundless in this new art form. It is inspiring as it will suit and be applicable
    to all the generations! Great work.

  4. An amazing process but what
    a magnificent outcome. The
    audio definitely adds to the
    whole experience. Thanks

  5. Really enjoyed the USA
    I watch in wonder at the
    amazing Canyon images.
    I would love to see more.

  6. Thanks for the wonderful USA
    I can’t imagine the Canyon
    images are real. Amazing,
    doesn’t even begin to discribe
    how beautiful they are.
    Looking forward to seeing

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